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Kellee Williams


The story is simple, 20 years ago I had a dream to encourage and motivate women to reach for the sky, seek peace, and live a life that they desire and deserve.  Starting out as a teen mom, the reality is, my dream was met with years of adversity. But with the help of God, I have found the courage to use my voice, my story, and my experiences to impact, inspire, and encourage women.

I am just like many of you. I am a married mom of 10 (okay, maybe not that part). I have had children from 1994 to 2018. I am in a blended family. I have had cancer strike my those that I love. I have been divorced. I have battled my employers in ways we should have overcome by now. I am just like you. And just like you will, I have found my voice and began to tell the world that we were created for more.

With a background in Organizational Leadership, Organizational Development, Psychology, and Diversity Management, I have developed a reputation for bringing out the best in women as they navigate the balance between work, entrepreneurship, and home life.

Passionate about encouraging others, I empower women to manage life though coaching and mentoring. I create realistic solutions for their lives and businesses. I believe were not put on this planet to merely to exist, but to make an impact. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to optimize opportunities without compromising our "self".  


It is my pleasure to teach and inspire women to create the systems and solutions that will help them manage their energy in order to live the life they desire and deserve.

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