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Ep. 28

5 Types of Content All Business Owners Need

Social media can no doubt be stressful, annoying, time consuming, aggravating, and seem like a fruitless waist of time! I was there and I  absolutely agree. BUT when I got clear on my strategy and put a purpose behind every post, I was able to see my business grow! And we are in business to make money and an impact , AND  get to the place where we can live the life we desire and deserve. 


Today we are talking about the 5 types of content you need for your business. You make like memes or quotes. You make like instructional pieces… but let's talk about reaching your audience with content that they can relate to and be motivated to connect with you.


Before we get started I want to mention that posts need to do one of three things. 

  1. Grow your platform

  2. Profit in your bank account

  3. Cultivate your Community


So there are 5 types of content that really resonate with the people you serve. They all serve a purpose and come with their own set of instructions for use (lol). So let’s go over what they are and how you can use them to connect with your target audience.




  1. Community

  2. Conversation

  3. Conversion

  4. Connection

  5. Credibility


If you post once a day for 5 days using one of these types of content, you are hitting all targets and speaking to what your audience wants to get from you as a business owner on social media. You will be attracting, educating, converting your target audience.

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