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Ep. 26

5 Obstacles All Business Owners Must Overcome

 If you are in business, you will no doubt face things related to these areas. BUT if you are attentive to your needs and make the commitment to manage the feelings you are beginning to experience, you can overcome them in confidence and victory. Chica, we are rooting for you. And, there are lots of people willing to help you. Ultimately we want you to live the life that you desire and serve and now is your time. 

5 Obstacles:

Mental- Imposter Syndrome, Capacity to learn new concepts, doubt fear mental blocks, making excuses


Emotional- Balance of home/work, managing relationships what happens when a college shows their true colors. Clubhouse excitement. 


Spirituality- Connection to Christ, praying for your business


Physical- Self care, rest, drink water, care for your hygiene 


Financial- Fears/limited beliefs, saving/ spending, wise decisions,giving, not buying needless things


Spirituality- Connection to Christ, praying for your business


Ask yourself:

Are you facing these, and what steps do you need to make in order to overcome them?

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