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Ep. 24

Lie & Leadership Lessons Learned by Telling Your Story

Many years ago, I found myself 16 and pregnant. Faced with the challenges of motherhood, I embraced my new life and carried on. There were some lessons I learned along the way that have helped me navigate the amazing life that I live today. Retelling the accounts of my past have helped me share the message that if you can find the courage to tell your story, you surely can use it to propel you to a life you desire and deserve.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Friendships matter. Find your tribe, the select few, that stay with you through good and bad. Those are your people. When things get rough, people quickly differentiate themselves and show you their true colors. As Maya Angelou said: "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." BELIEVE THEM!

  2. Your support system is everything. If you weren’t blessed with one and you’re feeling alone, do your best to find a community for yourself. Turn friends into family. Get engaged in your city/town and surround yourself with people who will support you, but also send you a tough message when you need it most. No one achieves their goals alone.

  3. Stereotypes and assumptions are more about other people than they are about you. You can internalize them and let them guide your behavior and actions or refute them, flip them, and break them down. I left many friends behind who told me that being a young Mom would ruin my life. Thank you, NEXT. The same goes for the stereotypes we have around leadership.

  4. Don’t be embarrassed of your story or where you came from. You wouldn’t be you without it. Own it, embrace it, reflect on it, and project it with confidence. You never know who you'll impact, inspire, or connect with as a result of sharing pieces of yourself.

  5. Cut those that shame you out of your life. IMMEDIATELY. There's a fine line between tough love and feedback grounded in true support and shaming behaviors. Shame is dangerous.

  6. Organization and prioritization are KEY. Do your best to identify what is really, truly important to you. Then pay attention to that. Reflect and course correct, always with your broader priorities and values in mind. Make sure you get systems in place to make your life easier, not more complicated.

  7. Integrity over everything. Even when you know you’ll be judged. Operate with integrity, lead with courage, and lead in a way that allows you to lay your head down at night feeling proud of the decisions you've made. Don't dilute yourself to fit in.

  8. Learn the art of the bounce back. Resilience is not about ignoring challenges in order to move beyond them — it’s about leaning into them, addressing them, and learning from them.

  9. People are your very best asset — above all, be kind, generous, and supportive. While also upfront, honest, and direct. Pour energy into people and allow them to pour into you too. Find a true give and take.

  10. Remember where you came from and give grace to others. The ability to be open-minded and empathetic cannot be overlooked.

Ask yourself:

What part of your story stands out as a pivotal moment? An instance that changed the trajectory of your life?

What experiences have you had that have shaped your beliefs and values? How does that play out in your interactions with others and your leadership?

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