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Ep. 22

8 Considerations for Managing Financial Energy

We were introduced to the concept of energy management  a few episodes back in episode 18. In that episode we talked of 4 components of energy, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Well because this isn’t a well explored concept, we have the liberty to insert our own ideas. I did not mention another important component, and that is financial energy.

This is the relationship of managing the flow of resources to meet our financial needs. In this episode we discuss areas in both life and business where effective energy management includes living the FINANCIAL life you desire and deserve.

8 Effective Financial Management Tips

  1. Prioritize financial goals

  2. Create a budget

  3. Make giving a part of the budget

  4. Get an emergency fund

  5. Get current on all bills

  6. Pay off debt

  7. Fund your savings

  8. Retirement/invest


And you may need to conduct a financial energy audit:

  • Determine what consumes and provides you with money

  • Make the decision to make whatever changes you need to make

  • Get some accountability

  • Celebrate the pivot in both your life and business


You can do this Chica, you were graced with the ability to achieve your ALL of your goals. You already have everything you need within. Do not be afraid to get the help you need to organize your situation so that you can thrive. You have the potential to soar, you have the potential to excel, and you have the potential to be more successful than you could have ever imagined! And you know what? You will be…. I’m excited for you Chica!

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