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Ep. 19

Friday Fill Up: Energy of Life

Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly as though you were working for your real master and not merely for humans.


I was driving through the city and some workers had been working on a utility project. I immediately thought of the term energy. As I gave thought to that word, I came alive! It was if I had taken an energy shot right then and there. I was inspired to look up the word energy and the google meaning that struck was, strength or vitality needed for mental or physical activity. It is a power used to provide light and heat.


Now is the time to let God be God. Let Him be our source, our power, our strength so that we can be empowered to produce and illuminate light or create heat. We can do so much more in life when we let him do the heavy lifting. I humbly admit, in my own power, I can do nothing. 


His word tells us that He is our shelter, our healer, our provider, our guide, and our peace. He is always present. He's our energy. In Him, we're able to see and be light. In all that we do, as long as it's a part of the plan for our life, we can do it... and do it in excellence.


Think About

What or who you need for God to be so that you can be a better you?



Write it out who or what He is  and commit to letting Him be your energy.



Heavenly Father, today I thank you for being my energy. Thank you for your peace, strength, power, might, protection, grace, and mercy. I lean on you Lord to walk me through my journey. Thank you for allowing me to access your word and use it to empower me to get more accomplished. With your energy, I can bloom,


In Jesus Name, 


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