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Ep. 16 


I looked up the definition of thrive and the one I thought was most appropriate was to flourish or prosper. And I LOVED it! But it made me look out flourish and that definition was to grow rapidly and successfully. YES yes yes, yes yes!!!

Chica’s we were meant to thrive. We were not meant to just live and exist. We were created to create impact and to be successful in everything that we put our minds to and our hand on. 


I have heard and have even said, we will rise, rise… lift up above. But when you think about it, just being lifted and just rising,  is nothing if you have an opportunity to do something… and you get there, but aren't properly positioned and ready to flourish and prosper once you get there. From here on out, let us all  commit to the spirit of thriving in life and thriving in business. Whew… I get excited talking about the possibilities I know are available to us.  


T. H. R. I. V. E


T- Trust

  • We have to allow ourselves to trust. Trust ourselves and that God is giving us the wisdom to do what we are called to do. Thriving could be ministering to our assignment, that could be stepping out on faith, that would be trying something new that may not turn out how you’d like. 

  • And just like we need to trust, we need to be trustworthy. How do we present? Is our presentation one that will drive other’s to trust I’m talking business. Do you affiliate with untrustworthy or shady people. Birds of a feather flock together. You WILL be associated by the company you keep, trust and believe. Are you who you need to be and doing what it takes for people to trust you?

H- Humbleness 

We often hear that we need to be hubble, but how do we do that? What does that actually look like?

  • Well for starters, it’s being coachable and allowing criticism or critique to fuel development rather than resentment.

  • This next one is really important, humbleness is wanting the best for others rather than trying to harbor all success for yourself. Humbleness is not a one woman show. Be willing to share the spotlight.

  • It looks like sharing, giving of yourself. And by that I mean, not only be teachable, but be willing to teach skill and technique to those that are learning, or want to learn .

  • Humbleness is looking towards those above you with an eye of inspiration and not jealousy. Remember, we don’t know everything.. And iron sharpens iron. 

  • HUMbleness looks like acknowledging and THEN apologizing when there was wrongdoing or an expressed opportunity of growth on your part. 

  • Lastly, humbleness is demonstrating the ability to be self reflective… and then to make changes if necessary.   

  • Not everyone is able to see themselves from the lens of an onlooker. And because people are watching us, it will be noticed and honored when you operate in humbleness. 


R- Respect

  • We thrive when we both give and command respect. And by commanding, I don't mean being overbearing and arrogant, but it's honoring and requiring that other’s honor your boundaries.

  • Respect helps build and develop trust, safety, and wellbeing for other’s . People are fragile but WANT to trust. I think it’s an innate desire to want to be able to trust people. It’s human nature to seek safety. Let’s be who and what they need. 

  • Respect shows that you accept people for who they are and how they choose to operate. Now, you may not always agree, but it’s important to show that their thoughts, desires and opinions are valid and demonstrate a concern for their being.

  • When someone feels respected, they will share anything with you… and for business purposes, it also means their dollars (I’m just saying).

I- Integrity 

  • Chica, we are people of integrity. And doing what’s right is the best way to communicate that. 

  • It’s keeping your word, even when it’s difficult and you don’t want to. You may commit to something that you later realize, you just don’t feel like doing and that's real. We have spouses, children, other obligations that sometimes can feel more like the priority. And, they may be… but do your BEST to keep your word. 

  • Integrity is always being willing to speak up for truth, even when it’s ugly.  (when that man came in the store with that lady there, and I thought I was going to die)


V- Valuing 

  • Valuing others means seeing differences as something positive. Just because it’s not how you would do or say things doesn’t make it wrong.

  • It means trying to understand how others think and feel, it shows genuine interest and concern for their feelings. Now would be a good time to exercise those empathy and sympathy muscles. 

  • Valuing people means setting boundaries with them. Remember, boundaries are reciprocal and go both ways. They not only protect you, but they protect others and that is a great way to communicate value in someone. 

  • Again, let them showcase their superpowers… the stuff THEY are made of. Celebrate them for what they have accomplished or for the future you see in them. 


And the last letter...

E- Excellence in execution 

  • Excellence is consistency

  • Excellence is preparation

  • Excellence is elimination of any excuse

  • Excellence is a strategy

  • Excellence is effective communication

  • Excellence is focus

  • Excellence is investment

  • Excellence is NOT perfection. 


Let’s go over the acronym again. 

T- Trust

H- Humbleness 

R- Respect

I- Integrity 

V- Value 

E- Excellence in execution 

Are you ready to do more than just exist? Are you ready to thrive? It’s time… we have been through enough and rising just won’t cut it. We need to excel, succeed, soar. But ultimately, we MUST thrive!

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