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Ep. 15 

Friday Fill Up: You are Chosen

1 Thessalonians 1:4 GW

Brothers and sisters, we never forget this because we know that God loves you and has chosen you.

One theme that comes up often with me while mentoring and sharing life lessons with women, is a question of our worth to God. No, they don't ask if He cares directly, but while describing issues of their lives, they question His concern during their current situation. How can He really be for them during times that are tough and difficult to navigate? Does he NOT see the pain, the turmoil, the anguish of some of these situations? The answer is easy. He loves and chooses us. He knows what's going on. He created us to soar beyond our trials because He is with us.

I remember a time in my life where I questioned my existence. I went to church and lived my life for months, frustrated because I did not know and understand how much He really loved me...and that He chose me. One day, I had to come to the true understanding that I am special and unique. I was created for a purpose, birthed with vision and dreams. He chose me to carry out those dreams. This isn't true for just me, it's true for everyone, including you. God knew us before we existed. He chose us. 

When things look bleak, remember He loves you. When you feel unloved by people, remember He chose you. When thoughts of sadness and depression come in, as you shut them down, remember He is for you and standing with you. Just the same, when you have had an amazing day, He wanted this for you. When things are going right, He is celebrating with you. He is rooting for you.  


Think About

Have you ever considered God's love for you? Has it crossed your mind that you were created for a reason?



Think about all of the positive qualities you have and write them down on sticky notes. Put them someplace where you will see them frequently and enjoy reading all of the wonderful reasons God chose you. 



Heavenly Father, thank you for choosing me. Thank you for all of the wonderful qualities you have given me. And thank you for the not so wonderful qualities, as those are opportunities to grow in You. Let me begin to see myself the way you see me and live and act in a way that reflects it, Let me know without a shadow of a doubt, that you are FOR me because you chose me. 

In Jesus Name,


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