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Ep. 14:


In this episode we are talking about .... you got it, SELF-CARE..... (I know, so over used...)


Selfcare shows that you honor your body and mind, you desire to seek, find, and keep peace. It shows that you have disciplined yourself to listen to your body and operate at a capacity that says, I AM ENOUGH.

And it shows respect for God’s creation… that’s you Chica!


5 Ways to Practice Self-Care as a Business Owner:


1. KeepTrack of Time

Why: Keeping track of time is one of the first disciplines to having control over the management functions of your business and not letting the business manage you. We want peace, and knowing what you are doing when is a great way to do just that. You create the schule you want and set the priorities and goals as it relates to how much time you'll devote to things that have potential to rob you of your peace. 


  • Set timers

  • Time block

  • Work on off hours

  • Listen to your body


2. Stay Connected 

Why: Staying connected gives you the human interaction that we require for mental and emotional balance and stability. I am convinced that we were never meant to be in total solitude. Connecting give you the support you may not even realize you need. 


  • Call a friend who understands

  • Connect with industry colleagues

  • Disconnect from the business and get present with family


3. Identify Goals and Prioritize

Why: You want to have a handle on things so that you can rest your mind and enjoy the moment.


  • Conduct a time audit

  • Outsource what you can

  • Combine task

  • Keep track of your timelines

4. Non-Work Activity

Why: You are using the most energy doing things you HAVE to do. And that can be very draining. You will need to recharge… and recharging involves a measure of rest. Can you be awake and rest… yes! So the best way to rest while awake is to do something relaxing. 


  • What makes you relax

  • What makes you come to life

  • What can you feel accomplished doing

  • Schedule time to do it and keep the appointment


So go to the spa, take up a new hobby or learn a new skill. I have taken a liking to caring for my many plants now. Get outside and get physical… take up walking or running, or roller skating or dancing. There are lots of benefits and you’re able to meet several objectives with physical activity.


5. Seek Support

Why: Business and life are community engagement activities. We need people to be in business and we were not created to live, let alone enjoy life in solitude. We need help to function. 


Last podcast (link in show notes), So I won’t go into the nitty gritty… but find people that can help you with your needs. They may be in areas of finances, mental, physical, spiritual help. It can be in relationships… and remember, all of these areas WILL cross over into your business life. 

In all things remember to be kind and patient in all things related to your self care. This is a new process perhaps, and it can take some time to get accustomed to this new lifestyle. You will get some cues that I want you to pay attention to, your thoughts your body might react to the need to show it some LOVE!

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